Saturday, 28 July 2012

Homemade Air Freshener

Homemade Air Freshening Spray

Purchase or use a non-aerosol refillable spray bottle that has a mist setting. Using an old cleaning bottle, like Windex, will do just fine.

Add about a quarter of an inch of mouthwash to the bottom of your bottle and fill your bottle with water.

Gently mist the air as needed.

Fabric Sprays

Use a bottle similar to the one used above.

Place several drops of your favorite essential oils or perfume to the bottle and fill with water. Gently mist your linens, rugs, furniture etc. for a fresh smelling home.

For a more organic scent use lavender or your favorite flower pedals (I use peonies) and add them to the spray bottle. Add water which will bring out the scent that you have chosen. You can leave the pedals in the bottle or strain them out.

Mist your fabrics and the air as needed.

Another trick to saving money is to always use a rag instead of paper towel for your basic cleaning. My rags include dishtowels, washcloths, and old t-shirts. When done, rinse thoroughly and place your rags in their own bin or pail beside or on top of the washer. When it is full wash your load of rags using my laundry detergent recipe.

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