Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ant Problems

While reading the directions on a name brand ant trap I noticed that the main ingredient was Borax, so instead of purchasing the very expensive ant traps, I purchased a box of borax, which can be used for MANY things.

I asked the local produce manager at my grocery store for any rotten/bad fruit. He gave me a bag of apples.

When I arrived home I mashed the apples up slightly to make them even softer.

Then in the bag they came in I put approx. one cup of Borax and shook it until the apples were well coated.

Then I went outside and placed the apples near ant hills, the ants were attracted to both the Borax and the apples.

The ants carried the apples back to their hills as food, the way the expensive ant traps claim to work.

After a big rain I noticed many small ant hills in the cracks of my sidewalk and I gently sprinkled some Borax on my sidewalk.

Since then I have only had to kill 2 ants in the house and this was the beginning of June. Before I had done this I had ants all over the house and on me, biting me in my sleep, biting my dogs and trying to take over my house. All of the plants and grass that the Borax touched survived.

I offered this advice to a friend at the grocery store and she sprinkled Borax where she knew the ants were entering her house and has told me with extreme thanks that the ants are no longer a problem for her either.

Another trick to saving money is to always use a rag instead of paper towel for your basic cleaning. My rags include dishtowels, washcloths, and old t-shirts. When done, rinse thoroughly and place your rags in their own bin or pail beside or on top of the washer. When it is full wash your load of rags using my laundry detergent recipe.

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